Thursday, September 29, 2011

More Birthday Food

On Monday, Derrick and I walked to the National War Memorial on Buckle Street. Wellington had put on a beautiful sunny day, so lots of exercise - well, we did have to walk off the chocolate from the evening before and get prepared for afternoon tea!
Anyway, here are a couple of photos from the Memorial:
Blue bird etched into the internal tiles
Flower shape etched into the internal tiles
I love how simple the decoration was used on the internal walls - I will have to use these on a quilt.
Bronze statue outside - Simpson and his donkey carrying a wounded soldier
Please check out the Ministry of Culture and Heritage web site (above) to see the official photos of the memorial and the information about the carillon. This was our first visit and was important for me because of the research and work I have been doing on the war history quilts.

Rebecca had booked us into high tea at the Wellesley Hotel - the interior has been refurbished and the oak panelling and furniture is to die for - not too overdone considering the place is not huge.
High Tea at the Wellesley
We got to choose our tea, which came in a silver teapot. All the china were the dainty bone china teacups and plates (Cloclough, Royal Albert, you get the picture), plus the tea cloth was hand stitched. So very lovely to take time out to enjoy company and a special afternoon tea - thank you Rebecca!

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