Friday, September 2, 2011

Playing With the Nine-Patch

I wanted to use a simple traditional block in my Western Front quilt - the colours weren't so important, as I will be 'embellishing' after doing the quilting. But I wanted something more than the 9-patch.
This doesn't look very exciting does it? - and I haven't a lot of room to make an impact.
So I added a narrow border of stripes:
Then cut it into 4 (that's what you do as a patchworker, right?):
Then played around with the arrangement:
option #1
option #2
option #3
option #4
option #5
option #6 - my choice
Then I stitched the blocks on-point so they look like this:
A simple 9-patch, plus a narrow border, cut it up and look at the options!


Lynette (NZ) said...

Liking this :-)

Ruth said...

Wow! I am not a quilter so am totally in awe.

Erilyn said...

Thanks, Ladies. I think that the fine stripe helped - it goes with what I'm trying convey, anyway.