Thursday, September 29, 2011

Shopping in Wellington

This is a bit of a moan about customer service.
On Tuesday I had to spend my vouchers won at Tote and Gloat in May. My first trip was a 30 minute drive to Upper Hutt to Thimbles and Thread. Now, I don't shop there very often but have visited a few times in the past.
No-one spoke to me when I entered the shop, nor in the entire time (at least 30 minutes) I was browsing around! The lady behind the counter did not have any other customers! If I didn't have my vouchers to spend I would not have stayed. Considering that this is a craft/gift and quilting shop - most people would be keen to spend a few $$$ there - quilting fabric is not cheap!
Anyway I used the vouchers to just buy some thread.
My next experiences were in Wellington central.
At the French Art Shop, I browsed for 15 - 20 minutes, even picked up something and carried it around with me. Again no-one spoke to me or asked me if I needed help. The few people that were there obviously knew each other and were busy loudly talking about themselves. I could have walked out the door with a bag of goodies and they wouldn't have been any the wiser - except that I'm an honest person. No $$$ spent there!
A short time later I walked into Abstract Designs - again I was the only customer and there were 2 assistants talking to each other. Not one word was said to me and the only reasons I stayed as long as I did, was because I love the art work and I was looking for something for a present - sadly, I couldn't be bothered to spend any money if 2 people could ignore me in such a small store.
BUT! I did have a good experience across the road at Lavage where the assistant was very pleasant, welcoming and helpful! So money was spent there.
All right, so what's the point behind my frustration?
  • Times, are difficult. 
  • You are lucky to have a job.
  • In shops SERVICE should be the MOST important thing!
  • We have 1000's of visitors currently in New Zealand for the Rugby World Cup, they will have money to spend, especially if it is New Zealand made.
Business owners, you are losing hundred's of dollars a day because your staff do not have sell your products or business - and I don't mean following customers around or hard sell! I mean making them feel welcome within 90 seconds of walking in the door, asking them if they need assistance, then letting them 'shop'.
So not only have I told several people of my Tuesday experience, I have also sent it viral and listed the web sites - it is so easy to spread the word of both good and bad experiences.

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Toni said...

well done on you, name and shame and give credit where it is due.