Tuesday, November 29, 2011

12 Days of Christmas - Quilting Style

When we had the Rose City Quilters committee play day (see my post here), we were actually working on pieces to present to the Club last night.
On the ... day of Christmas my true love gave to me:
a brand new sewing machine
2 pairs of scissors
3 library books
4 rolls of ribbon
5 paper pieced leaves
6 Velcro hanging sleeves
7 measuring tapes
8 rotary cutters
9 fabric flowers
10 cotton reels
11 beautiful buttons, and
12 new thimbles
My number was 5 - I wanted to do something that I could keep, so made my leaves into a 'necklace'.
But I think I'll cut out a few more leaves to make it into a circular tabletop setting - candles and pine cones might look good in the centre!
Here's a close-up of a leaf - the only stitching I've done in 3 weeks, and 'gems' glued on top for sparkle. You can just see that pattern tissue underneath the organza:
If you go to my friend Lynette's blog, she has photos from the evening and the lunch bag swap plus the 'present' from the committee to all members - it's a challenge for next Tote and Gloat.
I still have a bit of laryngitis from last week - so the 'singer' in the group was the frog on the night (how sad was that!).

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Chris said...

Erilyn - the leaves turned out so pretty!

It's fun to think that someone somewhere is having spring - it's late autumn here in Indiana and we've already had our first snow.

Take care - Chris