Monday, November 28, 2011

The Shearing is Done

Last weekend, we had a shearer come in to do all the ewes, plus 3 of my neighbours' sheep. Everyone had a funny story to tell at the end of the day - Derrick tackling Coco in the yards and then the 2 of them going down in the corner, Kerry slipping in the mud - glasses flying off - in an effort to nab another ewe, and Glenda trying to 'steer' her ram home by riding him!
The important thing was that no-one (or animal) got hurt, all the sheep were shorn, lambs drenched and we got pretty good prices for the wool.
Here is Beauty at one year with a new shear - and she still demands preferential treatment!:
The lambs are just coming up to 3 months of age - I pleased with how good they look and how well they are growing. Here's and lovely family snap:
Mum's wool is almost grey, and her twins have beautiful faces :-)

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