Sunday, November 6, 2011

Committee Play Day

Rose City Quilters committee members had a play-day today. We could make something for a special surprise or just play, so here are some photos of playing happening:
Barb is sorting colours for her jacket
Wendy has a basket full of treasures, what is she up to?
The weather wasn't very good for working outside - so I decided to do something other than painting.
I have 'made' fabric from sandwiching (with Misty Fuse) pattern tissue and organza, plus previously painted florists' 'paper' onto kunin felt.

Cut out the shapes, used the  soldering iron around the edges to make it more organic, then couched threads and stitched.
You can see the pattern tissue underneath. This is stitched with rayon
Main veins are couched silk threads, other stitching is with variegated cotton thread
 My piece is coming together OK.


Lynette (NZ) said...

Cool - must have been a week for playdays :-)

Yvonne Brown said...

Hi Erilyn I love the idea of using the paper paterens with organzas, I might 'steal' your idea and have a play - when I get a minute or two!