Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Last S.I.X. Challenge Completed

Oh yes! Over a week later than planned, but done!
Here we are:
 I cut the original block then inserted the block with the newspaper headings, which was also cut and splattered with red paint.
I really wanted to print PEACE on the ribbon, but my glue stick is drying out, so I painted the word instead.
Anyway, there are lots of subliminal messages in this quiltlet - including the quilting in the teal/batik strip.
I am so pleased to have finished these challenges. I can get on to something else now :)


Serabelle said...

WOOHOOOO!!!! congratulations on completing such a mammoth effort. well done on all of your challenges. am loving your approach to getting people motivated to just 'do' little bits of art & craft as much as possible :D

Erilyn said...

Thank you - struggling with doing little bits myself at the moment :(