Thursday, February 9, 2012

New Thread Candy

I had heard that one of the curtain places in town was having a sale prior to shifting. Not that I need any more fabric, but there might have been something on the roll suitable for decorating a venue for an upcoming wedding!
Well there wasn't anything suitable for the wedding, but I did spy a basket of threads for $1.00! So here is a little selection of Gutermann thread I bought today:
One can never have too much quality thread for quilting!

My apologies for not doing much creative stuff so far this month - just rather tired with work (now that I'm sole charge on reduced hours with the work of 2.5 people to do in that time) and I think a bit of hay-fever which is affecting my eyes.
I hope to get into the creative stuff soon, as there is soooo much to do!


Toni said...

I just love getting a useful bargain, I would have bought the thread as well.

tizart said...

Hi! They would be good for quilting feathers!!!!Ha Ha!!!!!
Happy Creating

Erilyn said...

Toni, I had to restrain myself from buying about 1/2 the basket! Just went for the rainbow plus 2 extra creams :)

Serabelle said...

yumyum great score!!