Thursday, November 5, 2009

Another UFO Finished!

An Oriental Bay Sunday
This is as a result of a yellow charm square swap in 2000. I even received squares from overseas! I didn't want to cut them up too much, so settled on this simple block. Now, I don't really like yellow and blue together, but this is growing on me! Anyway it is simply quilted - meandering on the blue, and leaves and vines on the yellow, then finished with half feathers on the outer border. I called it Oriental Bay Sunday, because the teal blue makes it sparkle like a summer's day at Oriental Parade/Bay in Wellington.
Measures 64 inches square.
This is my favourite fabric in this quilt - birds on a wire.


RubySlippers said...

Well done! So wonderful to see it finished- you must be so pleased!! It is beautiful.

Kayjay said...

Wow, you really are making a hole in UFO's Erilyn. It is gorgeous. I love blue and yellow. And I have that fabric too with the birds on a wire. I used it in Mum and Dad's golden wedding anniversary quilt. Well, off to work on THE BAG! and I WON'T start the others till I've finished it... !!! (putting my own foot down)...hmmm