Thursday, November 19, 2009

Getting Ready for the Day Trip

My quilting group girls are having a 'Christmas' day trip and lunch on Saturday. So as my gift to them I have made each a little friendship bag with some goodies to help us through the day. Tutorial for the bag is here.
I have included in the bag, some sweets, for energy, tissues, for wiping away tears of laughter and a notepad and pen, for ideas and patterns.
We are planning some stops along the way for refreshments, window shopping, fabric shop shopping, lunch and a visit to Ruth Pretty's shop at the classroom (Ruth Pretty is a chef. She runs great classes which are very quickly booked up, especially the Christmas classes).
We are taking a van which should give us plenty of 'shopping bag' space if need be!


RubySlippers said...

Wow! What an amazing effort and thought you put into those bags for your quilting friends! well done, what a great idea, and they look super :-)

po-mo said...

Oh those totes look fabulous! So much love and attention x Have a great day out with the ladies :)