Monday, October 25, 2010

Caring For the Animals

It can be really hard, because you have live stock and then there's dead stock. I lost the little lamb in the last post, but I managed to get some very good care for her mother, who is now doing well. The mother, Rosie, had mastitis so was unable to care for her twins and probably didn't give them any colostrum. That doesn't bode well for any newborn.
It's been a long hard weekend, but we now have 10 lambs which include 3.5 sets of twins. One of the ewes couldn't deliver her 2nd twin so Derrick now has his assisted delivery certificate (a breach stillborn lamb), mother is still marginal. Here is her surviving daughter which I am bottle feeding:
On Saturday morning I found that Lila (a neighbour's Dorper ewe which visited with her twin boys, and has stayed for almost 12 months) had delivered twin males, and again one is black and the other is white:
Lila and her new 'boys'
Only a couple of ewes left to lamb. Hopefully the weather will be a little more settled for a few more days.


judy coates perez said...

oh, I want to come in the spring sometime! All those beautiful lambies, it must be so sad to see the ones that don't make it, but so wonderful to see the others grow strong.

Erilyn said...

I even get nuzzled on the chin! but the bunting can be very hard! Do you realise that this little lamb even has it's own quilt!

the enchanted maiden said...

Well done, on what I know was a hard weekend. Lila's lambs look adorable! I can't wait to be muzzled too :-D