Sunday, October 10, 2010

What To Do With...

... a plethora of eggs and limes?
Make lime curd and pavlova roulades!
Limes (I see that these are currently $13.99 at the supermarket!):
Now for the juicing:
This takes a while, but can't be rushed:
Then, yummy, yummy!
Now, to use up all the egg whites.
This is the hardest part:
Gently does the cooking:
A little later, one mixed berry and one passion fruit (these are just over $2.00 a piece of fruit!, I think I'd better get some vines!)
I did find it difficult rolling the pavlovas, so let the cream/fruit mixture sit on the top for a few minutes before rolling. Now, into the freezer and I will wrap in foil when they are easier to handle.
Great presents!

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