Thursday, October 21, 2010

It's Sprinter!

Well, how else do you explain the spring/winter weather in one day. This morning I woke to find that one of my lambs had died overnight and his twin sister wasn't looking too good either! Poor Mum! she was struggling to feed I think - her udder is very tight. So I brought the little one into shelter - actually the glass recycling bin plus an old quilt - feed her and let her sleep in the warmth. Took her to her Mum this afternoon, only to find it hailing! Then when I was at work people were coming and telling me how cold it was outside and that there was snow on the ranges! So I've been coaxing Mum into the house paddock where there is a small barn - at least shelter from the wind and rain and I don't have to keep climbing up to the top paddock to catch a lamb to feed it (actually it isn't that far, I'm just not fit enough!).
Special Treatment!


judy coates perez said...

oh poor little lamby.

Erilyn said...

Yep! It didn't make it :-( But the mother is much better, thanks to a Doctor friend and penicillin.