Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I Feel A Play Day Coming

The weather is getting warmer - more spring-like - and I bought some crochet cotton on TradeMe, just so I can doing some thread dyeing.
Such a neat selection to use:
crochet cotton for dyeing
I think that I will have to make up some hanks and try out some fabric paint, some ink and some dye. Having some variegated will be exciting - I can hardly wait - but first I have to finish the fish (it's currently being blocked ready for trimming and binding) and The Western Front.
Do you see that roll of thread on the left? It's a pale variegated viscose unopened and still in it's wrapper. I bought some years ago. It's really good to use in the bobbin as a decorative thread or any hand-stitching (not that I do much of that!).
I feel some fun coming on! Better get some friends to make it an even better day!

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