Sunday, July 22, 2012

Guild Quilt Panels Project

Rose City Quilters are doing a quilt panel project. Each month we have been given a sheet of instructions, it's also been discussed/shown at club night, some new or different techniques. We were each to chose a colour so that we can have a rainbow effect at the next Celebration of Quilts, which is coming up soon.The finished size of the panel is only 6 inches, so hopefully we will have quite a few to display.
I chose yellow as my colour.
This is the bow tie block, which has a folded knot, and is made with only 3 lines of stitching! I quite liked doing this, although it took me a bit to figure out the instructions (duh!).
Next, I made the flying geese block (I do love flying geese), but these geese are folded and made with 1 seam (beautiful!):
The second set of instructions were about piecing - hand, machine, foundation and English paper piecing. Mmmm! well I'm not going to ever make my quilts with hand piecing or English paper piecing. But I did use the foundation method. I drew up the pattern for a kimono, but forgot to do the background as well (I am told that you have to do the kimono pattern in at least 2 separate pieces). So here you will see that the kimono is foundation pieced, then appliqued onto the background!
Because I only used one sample from the 2nd sheet I made another block from sheet one. It is woven fabric. I couldn't think of any time I had done this, so here we are:
The 3rd sheet of instructions is about applique - hand, machine, needleturn or raw edge. So the kimono is machine appliqued, but I used freezer paper behind a bird shape and then machined him on. He isn't finished yet - he needs an eye, some tail and head feathers, and probably some more decoration, but I will hand stitch that.
I'm quite keen on trying a Misty Fuse applique and/or a 3-D applique. I'll have to see what else is on the 4th sheet tomorrow night.


Lynette (NZ) said...

Well - that will be 2 banners in different colours then ;-) I didn't manage that bow tie block without incident either!!

Erilyn said...

Ha! I think that is why I like art quilts - sometimes the instructions for traditional blocks are way too confusing for me! Or perhaps, I'm in too much of a hurry!