Thursday, July 26, 2012

Play Day with Friends

Rhonda, Lynette and I got together at Lynette's house for a play day today. We were going to use the transfer paints that were left over from a workshop with Sandra Meech about 3 years ago! Would the paints still be OK?
We couldn't find any instructions from the workshop so were trying to rely on our collective memories and other books we had read. Anyway there was painted paper left over from the workshop and we used whatever was to hand.
So here we have a selection of painted paper drying before we can use it:
some painted paper with salt crystals:
Here is my material (polyester sateen) with some mesh for design, and the crumpled transfer painted tissue:
End result:
It is hard to tell what the paint will be and the hue. We found that different papers released paint differently and some could be re-used more than others. It also depended on how hot and how long the iron was in contact with the paper.
This one, for example was used on satin, vilene and lutradur:
The painted paper is the darkest sheet in the photo.
So not only did we have various painted fabrics, Lynette and Rhonda have papers to use for journaling and card making.
Lynette has a giveaway over on her blog. A small book she has made with her decorated papers (she is so clever!). Actually so is Rhonda! And I learn so much from both of their work.
Ahh! 3 days of fun!
Hope the sun was shining at your place today!

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Lynette (NZ) said...

Oh happy day - have a lovely weekend