Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Betwixt and Between ... Happiness and Pain

I am really blessed to know an extremely gifted and talented quilter. She is Kirsty Duncan, and I miss her heaps because she now lives in Townsville, Australia. She had a giveaway on her blog - and I won it! WooHoo!
Today I had 2 teeth removed that had been causing me some problems - a pre-molar and molar next door to one another. So after some local anaesthetic, some pushing, pulling and wrenching of teeth, I am now minus 2 teeth, plus 5 sutures, plus some swelling/bruising, and a little bleeding. The house isn't very warm either so I think I'll curl up with a hot water bottle and a romance book (the imagination can work a little, even if the mouth can't!).


dee said...

talk about imagination when I had my infected tooth out my husband said "do you want any tea?" and I said "yes"

Erilyn said...

Aye, Dee - there's a lot of energy expended just resisting the battle in the mouth! - you get very tired and then think you can achieve the next to impossible by treating the battleground as normal!