Friday, July 10, 2009

Too Perfect To Be True!

It looks too good for working in, don't you think? The wardrobe does have some things that need to be organized but basically I have a clear table for quilting on, a clear space for cutting on and several bags with quilts that need to be quilted and/or finished, out where I can see them.
Methinks it's time to be a tidy kiwi when working in here!

All the rosettes are hiding behind the door :-)

Derrick is back in 2 days, so I am very pleased that this is now at an inspection-ready state!


po-mo said...

That is an amazing overhaul worthy of its own reality television show!

Erilyn said...

Haha! Cheeky devil you! I know it's amazing - there were the doubters that I could do it - but the REALITY is - can it stay like that!

Coreen said...

OK, we all know the stuff has to be hiding somewhere - where did you put it? Under the bed....?