Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Drum Roll Please!

I've been busy working on a project for an upcoming exhibition. Six of us from the Collaborative Journal Project of 2008 are exhibiting at Taylor Jensen Gallery in Palmerston North from 21 August to 14 September 2010. So just over a month ago we got together to discuss what we should make.
Here we now have 2 challenges!
To create 30 pieces in a month, AND, to make them 6 inches x 12 inches.
Oh boy! I have to say that I was freaking out a little!
BUT, then I calmed down (I am a reactive redhead, after all!) and focused.
I really enjoy looking at things through the macro lens of the camera, so that gave me a Perspective.
Next I needed a Theme.
I decided on being Alice (in Wonderland), and looking at my garden from her 'little' (after she drank from the bottle) height.
Everything is related in some way to stitching. I wanted to try a different technique on each piece. After all I've read lots of books and wanted to try lots of different things relating to stitch, but really don't enjoy doing samples.
So here we have it!
An exhibition
30 pieces
restricted size at 6" x 12"
We have called it:
SIX Facets of a Rectangle (Stitch Innovative Xploration)
I will show you my pieces - mostly because you can't all visit the gallery! They are in sets of three, so are related in some way. I will explain what I have done on each piece and hope you will enjoy!
Till tomorrow, then!

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