Friday, June 10, 2011

The Colours of Nature

I'm always impressed that nature gives us such vibrant colours, no matter the time of year (well in New Zealand, anyway). This morning's photo is of our mandarin tree - it's not a very big tree, just less than 1 metre in height, but it packs a punch with fruit and colour.
Here are some big fruit - they look ripe, but don't come away from the tree easily and there is very little taste (another couple of weeks perhaps, especially if we have sunshine):
While we were out walking the other day I managed to get some good shots of the the toi toi flowers. A great feathery look to them!
Toi Toi


Ruth said...

Love the photos. The mandarin tree is so overloaded with fruit I am surprised that it hasn't fell over? Such a beautiful orange colour too.

Erilyn said...

Oh yes, Ruth - have to be patient to eat the fruit too. It's in a reasonably sheltered spot so that helps.