Monday, June 20, 2011

Up to Painting Now

It's kind of like paint-by-numbers, except I don't have numbers and I'm only using 3 colours! I'm using Tsukineko all-purpose inks applied with their fantastix (not a brush).
Progress photos:
Pattern drawn on fabric with pencil
Starting to look like something now
All finished?
I had to play around with the colours to get the correct 'orange'. When I first painted on the ink, I thought that it was too peach coloured, but now that it is dry I think it looks OK - any stitching will add another colour and dimension also.
I'm still thinking about how much quilting to do here. The size doesn't really allow for a lot.
The finished size of the quilt is to be 9" x 12" so this fits within an A4 sheet of paper. I'm thinking of doing a densely quilted background, which will make this 'pop' out.

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