Monday, June 13, 2011

I Have Finally Got Things For Sale

Yes, I have bitten the bullet and posted some work For Sale at my Felt shop.  As these are the first items I have posted For Sale, the Felt administrators will have to moderate them, so you may not see them up for 24 hours or so.
But I have put on 2 Christmas Table Runners which I have just completed:
Christmas Table Runner
Quilting detail in the centre
A cot/lap quilt for a boy:
A cot/lap quilt for a girl:
And the 2 New Zealand table runners which I have just finished:

I'm a bit nervous about this, but I figure that I do have to get my work out there somehow.


Helen said...

Such beautiful items! I have just checked out the FELT shop - fantastic!! Good luck!

Erilyn said...

Thanks, Helen. Some of the quilts I've made have been stored in a wardrobe for a few years. Time to get them out, aired and sold, I think!

Lynette (NZ) said...

Best of luck - your pieces are lovely