Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Milestone Has Been Reached!

Yes, this is my 400th post! Amazing really, even if it has taken a while to get here, but I do remember that I didn't even WANT to start a blog (another story in another lifetime).
So today's other news.
I have finished (label and hanging sleeve included) my Gallipoli wall-hanging. It measures 59.8cm x 105cm - a little bit longer than intended (I did want to keep it in the 1000cm length, but it didn't 'shrink' as much as I thought, with the quilting), but it is only 5cm longer than the other 4. I have 'made' fabric - the daisy fabric for the letters in Gallipoli - printed photos onto fabric, painted fabric and heavily machine quilted it.
Here is New Zealand's Gallipoli Campaign 1915:
Here is some detail - I hand stitched the statistics over some fabric which I had painted:
This block is also hand quilted (!) with a chicken scratch stitch - the stitches are probably a little big, but only by mere millimeters! This block is the cover from a 'magazine' the soldiers designed and had printed when they were convalescing in London during the war.
I have started work on the Western Front quilt and am designing one for my Grandpop, who was in the Medical Corps, based in Egypt, France and England during World War One.
It bothers me that people have asked 'how many' am I going to make and 'why'.
Do they ask an artist why they paint?
This is no different to me - sewing is my canvas, and I want to capture some of the images that stand out and make me think about how history has shaped our lives and this country.
OK - off my soapbox now!
Also made some tamarillo jam today - yummy!


Ruth said...

Congratulations on your 400th post, well done you!

Your quilts are amazing works of art and I think they are truly inspiring. So glad that you do them. :)

Lynette (NZ) said...

Congratulations...I have a long way to go! Love that you are doing your series of quilts. Great to have such a focus.

Erilyn said...

Thank you ladies for your support and your lovely comments.