Sunday, August 28, 2011

Workshop and Play Day

Yesterday I was in a workshop under the tutelage of Mariya Waters - we were playing with decorative threads.
I chose to do the fish design and here is what I finished the day with:
The wider thread was couched on after stitching the placement from behind. The fish is stitched with 2 threads wound together, one of them being a metallic.  Everything has been stitched from the backing fabric where the pattern was drawn on:
I have a little bit more of the decorative thread to stitch on (from the bobbin) and then the quilting.
I had a great day and was pleased with the amount of work achieved. It was great to not have to worry about fabric, the pattern was already drawn up and I could get a reasonable amount of stitching done.
The front fabric was a commercial tie-dyed piece that I over-painted - the balance between the light/dark colours was too extreme, so I mixed up some blue paint and had a very pleasing finished product.


Ruth said...

So wonderful. The fabric gives the effect of rippling water... just the right place for your fish. Well done you!

Erilyn said...

Thanks Ruth. I've finished the water quilting - that's not terribly exciting, but I think I may just have to add a few beads here and there as highlights (of course!).

Lynette (NZ) said...

Very cool - love that you are making fabric (and cottons) your own with the dyeing.