Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sunday Snaps and Painting

Sunday was a lovely day weather-wise, so I got some fabric painting done and left it outside to dry.
Here is a tie-dyed piece that I thought I would use for an upcoming decorative thread class with Mariya Waters, but it needed to be darkened and bluer.
So from this:
to this:
The lighter/yellow areas still show through but the contrast is not so great now.
I also over-painted some very light blue fabric with an olive green paint I mixed up from yellow and purple. I squeezed the paint through the wet fabric then lay it on the grass to dry - it dried streaky but I like the look of it.
 And this is the lovely view these cows have - you may be able to see Mt Ruapehu in the far distance, sorry that the light is so bright and there are no shadows - but it was a lovely day!

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