Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hand-made Christmas Decorations - Part 1

Every year, since 1979, I have tried to make at least one Christmas decoration. This year's one was made for someone else because there are a lot to show and/or pack away now. But I thought it might be quite nice to take you on a trip along Memory Lane.
A small Christmas tree banner made in 1983. I was in hospital for some cancer surgery in this year and someone had made beautiful decorations which hung in the hospital's corridor. This was one that really appealed and I have made it several times for family and friends - each time adding buttons that were appropriate. As you can see, this one is not quilted (2 layers though!).
My first 'real' quilt. Hand turned applique and hand quilted. 1994. I will never do either of those techniques again - it took far too long and this is a small quilt! The batting is polyester and too bouncy, but the work is OK for self-taught.
The next 2 are kits I bought from the craft section of a department store in Hawaii and made in 1994. I really did enjoy doing all the hand stitching. They came together really quickly.
I can't remember when I made this little wreath. I loved making the felt leaves and they have florists wire inside so that they can be 'shaped'. We had a mouse nesting in the decoration boxes one year, and it fancied the polystyrene berries - fortunately everything could be washed and the berries replaced.
I think that this is still my most favourite hand-made decoration.
More to come!!

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