Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hand-made Christmas Decorations - Part 3

This is the final installment of the hand-mades.
The next two I made when we lived in Singapore. I hadn't made soft toys before (well that is not counting the 2 piece felt hanging decorations which babies/toddlers can't damage), but really enjoyed the Santa and his reindeer. First problem; where to buy fur in Singapore? Found a kit, but I didn't know then how to cut it - as you can see, Santa's hat doesn't have a good brim (when making teddy bears years later I knew then to cut the backing not the fur!). Second problem; the reindeer's leg wasn't holding him up! It is important to stuff the legs firmly. I did unpick and re-stuff, but this guy is made with corduroy and it frays, so it wasn't an easy job - do it once and do it properly :-)
The rejoice sign hangs over the back of the sofa.  Finding suitable cotton fabric lead me to many market places and it is not quilted nor does it have wadding.  But it means heaps to me. After I came out from hospital in 1993 (second time), Derrick didn't want it up, but I figured that we had a lot to 'rejoice' in, especially as it had been a very difficult and scary year. This year we are both rejoicing in that we still have our jobs with Defence.
The next 2 decorations are relatively easy to make. The Yule log - it gets a renew most years, this year I have taken off the 'fresh' leaves and added the 'plastic' ivy.
This little tree is made with a polystyrene ball and fabric squares poked into it. I have found that it is probably better to use a little pva glue where the fabric goes into the ball, so it stays in. I also added tiny cones, stuck it in a terracotta pot and weighted it with plaster of paris.
Final piece: I attended a workshop to make this hanging which hangs in the front entrance-way. But I have to admit that I was a terrible student! I didn't learn much from the workshop and rebelled at making some of the embellishments! I haven't dated it, nor put a photo in my album, so I'd guess that it was made around 1999. Very simply quilted in the background - now it would have much more on it (if I was to make it anyway!).

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Helen said...

Hi Erilyn

your Rejoice banner brought back some lovely memories for me. I Have made two of these in the past for churches I was attending at the time. I love this pattern, such a simple word full of meaning.

Happy New Year