Thursday, April 12, 2012

Library Opening

Today I made it to work (I've had 2 days on sick leave - how frustrating is that!) to open the Library for all my customers who have been waiting patiently during the refurbishment.
Everyone that came in commented on how nice it looked - some were quite worried, but pleasantly surprised with the end result. I am very happy. It's a much happier looking place - open, bright and with lots of comfortable seating.
I also had 2 unexpected visitors. Last week a fantail came in while we were working, for a look around. Today he was back, and with a friend! They stayed for at least 30 minutes, chasing each other, and checking out lots of things. I managed to get a photo of one as he rested for a short time:
Can you see him on the shelf support leg?
Some say that a fantail inside is bad luck, but I like this poem by Eileen Duggan (1894–1972, OBE, New Zealand poet and journalist)

The Tiwai Waka
See! In the Kauwae-Raro,
O small dancing bird,
Old Kupe says you touched him,
We have his stately word.

And what said Kupe of you,
O small bird of grace?
He said: “The Tiwai Waka
Kept flitting past my face!”

O little Tiwa Waka,
O kind little wing!
I've seen a woman hunt you,
With haste and muttering.

She said it was unlucky,
She drove you out with cries,
For when a fantail flies within
A son or neighbour dies.

Unlucky! It's an honour,
A bird flying through.
He had the whole sweet countryside,
And yet he came to you.

I also got a photo of my new Issues Desk. Previously this had an upstanding, about 12 inches high, at the front - I felt that it was difficult for people to see me (and I them if I was sitting down), plus it was a mushroom coloured laminate which didn't go with the new decor. Ian cut and painted.
I just need to get lettering on the front, and the returns desk is to the side on the left.
So exciting!


Lynette (NZ) said...

Congratulations on the library. Looks great and I love the visitor :-) Just catching up on all the postings I've missed from being on holiday - enjoying the SIX challenge reveals. So cool to see all the different directions they've taken and nice to see quilting personalities shining through

Ruth said...

Really nice library. Have missed your blog. But back now and hope to keep in touch with the amazing things you post!

Erilyn said...

The library is so wonderful! Visitors are welcome - I know, thinking about changing the hours to suit more people, but I'm still tied to the old card issuing system