Wednesday, April 18, 2012

S.I.X. Challenge - Reveal - Last Blocks

Here are Dianne's blocks - the last to be shown. Dianne had used black and white fabrics with a little bit of bright.
Dianne's quilt - bright fabrics slashed through and more circles added
my quilt - I kept to black, white and black & white backgrounds - it's 'organic'!
Sue's quilt - she has added more black and white fabric and a little bit of colour in the opposite block
Cheryl cut up her block and re-made it into a garden on a hand painted silk background - lovely embellishments here!
Rhonda added more circles and the negative fabric, with just a little bit more colour
Barb's is really jazzed up with lots of bright colours to give the black and white zing!
That's all from our 10 inch block S.I.X. challenge - we are thinking of having a play day next time, but haven't organised anything as yet!

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