Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Library Refurbishment - Day 3 Painting

Oops - I forgot to take a photo of the walls that were painted today :(
Never mind! I really need to show you this:

This is Hayley and Jo scraping away the old paint from the windows. These windows were painted when the place was a supermarket - that's about 17 years ago - and covered the bottom half of the windows (6 panes of glass). I have really hated this - apart from it being dark, the colours didn't relate to anything now, and the paint had been painted on with a brush - not nice!
The biggest problem was that the top 2 bands of red and white were a water based paint, so could come off relatively easily. The large green band was an oil based paint. I was loathe to use a paint stripper, apart from it being caustic, it isn't good for your health and it is messy to clean up afterwards.
Hayley did a Google search and found that Mr Muscle window cleaner could help in the scraping. Sure enough, it helped to soften the paint and was much easier to scrape off.
Well done girls - a fantastic job!

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