Thursday, April 12, 2012

S.I.X. Challenge - Reveal - Still More Blocks

This time I will show you what was done with my block.
Dianne hadn't finished her quilt with it, but here are the others:
This is mine
Sue's quilt - using her photos of the people from around Palestine - crossing borders
Cheryl's quilt - fences, walls, barbed wire and olives
Rhonda's red background making a 'bloody' impression
Barb's quilt - using the flag and faces
We don't usually make political quilts - so this one had them all thinking. For me, it was about the media 'feeding' us information that is politically motivated. I don't particularly have a view about the situation in Palestine or Israel, as I have not been there. But the stuff that is printed in our daily newspapers - one would hope that both sides of the story are given equal airing!

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