Monday, April 2, 2012

Library Refurbishment - Day 2 Painting

Today was yellow wall day. This is the biggest wall and will have the picture books and other children's books plus the play area. So, 2+ coats of paint in Dulux Karaka Bay (unfortunately looking a little dull - you can catch a better glimpse in the next photo, top right):
I'm so loving it!
Here are some of the fiction books in waiting. Their shelves have to be re-configured and shifted from the current toast rack style.
And this afternoon, I managed to get the stack Military books back on the shelves. Because of the height, the supports are attached to the wall. All the other shelves will not be at this height, but it is not expected that these books will be issued frequently. Plus I need to go through them and delete some, which I'm sure are irrelevant or there is something better.
Don't you think that the Monza red looks fantastic?
Tomorrow 2 different coloured paints, and I'm hoping the walls will be finished :)

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Lynette (NZ) said...

Your new colour scheme is looking fab. Hoping you get some creative time at home over Easter