Sunday, May 6, 2012

Some Photos of the New Library

The new furniture hasn't arrived yet, nor the signage on the front desk, but you can see how cool the place looks!

As you come in the main door, this is the view to the left. I have casual seating and along the red wall (on high shelves) are the military stack books - these ones I don't expect to go out very often, and I have to go through them all to decide which to keep.
Just in front near the beginning of the carpet is the start of the adult fiction. Most of the shelving is organised into 2 or 3 bays, so everything is more fragmented.
You will see 5 of my ANZAC quilts on the wall here, which I put up for ANZAC Day (26th April).
This is the view directly in front of you as you come in the main door. I have ordered some sofas for this area. There are also plans to hold film evenings or such like and this area will be the seating area - bean bags, camper chairs etc. and a drop-down screen.
Just to the right, off the carpet 'runway' is the adult non-fiction.
This is the right hand view - my new issues desk and a study nook. In the very corner (right hand) is a desk for jigsaw puzzles (adults only!). You can see a curved line in the carpet where the issues desk was previously. The whole area behind has become my 'office'.

This view is along the back wall, picture books, play area, junior fiction and junior non-fiction. Lovely and bright with the yellow gold wall.
I have taken away the fence around the play area. This has meant a subtle shift in who is responsible for looking after the little children (ie. not me!). Over my left shoulder are 2 internet-access computers and a photocopier.
People have remarked as to how big the place looks now, but it is because you can see much more floor - the bottom shelves are at a kinder height for my older customers. It is also a lot lighter without the shelf covers - I am just going to have to dust more often!
I am going to change the hours in 2 weeks time - I will be open for just the 20 hours/week, but open earlier in the morning, have one 'late night' and be closed for a whole day mid week - hopefully this will make more people happier and they will come to use the library.


Lynette (NZ) said...

Will be so nice to go into work and look at that lovely colour and light :-)

Anonymous said...

What an amazing space, it looks so comfortable and inviting. My first job was in a library I wish it had been as wonderful as yours :)

qwilltr said...

Where is this library? I work at a library in Virginia Beach, VA.

Erilyn said...

This is a New Zealand Defence library, at Linton Camp.