Monday, May 7, 2012

Some Purchases and Painting

As much as I have sworn to NOT buy any more fabric, sometimes you see a piece that you have been wanting for a while. At Tote & Gloat on Saturday, I found just such a piece.
This is the fabric I have used as the background to In Flanders' Fields. I haven't been able to get anymore since the original purchase - I even wanted some more when making that quilt! It was also a special price, so it was bought!
Now, I always enjoy looking at the dyed fabric and Dye-It are closing down :( very, very sad face. I bought 3 small pieces that I know will be used in future ANZAC quilts:
Finally, I bought some yummy threads to use in the current project (well that's the plan!):
The big green bundle are silk threads - these are so great to use either couched down, needle punched, or laid on top of the fabric under tulle. The smaller green/rusty bundle, I'm going to try using as bobbin work.
I have been preparing for my next ANZAC quilt, which will be Vietnam. So here is the background fabric:
It was initially orange - bright orange! I have tried doing a discharge with this and very little colour is removed. Never mind! Washed with HOT water, dyed with Dylon tulip red in a bucket (I scrunched up the fabric like it was a shibori) and then spray painted with various greens of fabric paint I mixed up. It looks very blotchy, I know - but I have a plan (in my head anyway)!
Here is some lovely sprayed green background for another part:
I'm on a roll now, got the plans, got the fabric, now for the drawing and cutting and gluing and ironing - then the sewing!
Hope you are making something that is fun!

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