Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Another ANZAC Quilt Finished

I have been quite remiss in posting lately, but I have been busy creating! First up was a quilt I had to quilt for a raffle for Tote & Gloat on Saturday and as someone else was going to bind it, I needed to get it done smartly! It was nursery rhyme blocks, so each I quilted according to the rhyme - unfortunately I did not take any photos of my work :(
The next thing, was to stop procrastinating and work on another ANZAC quilt as I am exhibiting them at Tote & Gloat. I had been slowly working on one called An Everyday Soldier : the Unsung Hero.
So here it is:
The bottom image is one from the National Collection of War Art and I have permission to use it so long as I display the following information:

·      Stretcher party November 1918 by George Edmund Butler [Archives Reference : AAAC 898 304 NCWA 473] Archives New Zealand The Department of Internal Affairs Te Tari Taiwhenua
I wanted to make a quilt that acknowledged all the service men and women who served, who did their job, perhaps didn't have any great stories to tell, but were heroic in doing their duty to King and Country. My Grandpop was in the New Zealand Medical Corps, so was working in triage, on the front line and in hospitals. I did heaps of research into his military history and have tried to give a precis with the pictures/letters in the form of Field Medical Tags on the right of the quilt.
The sashings represent bandages. He was also a collector of bits and pieces (a magpie), so I have some odd things stitched on that he would have found useful! The label is a huge story, but I think it needs to be told, especially when the information is fresh and it does pertain to the quilt.
So here are some close-ups:
a textured heading which was painted, the wording stitched around and simply quilted
outline quilting on the uniform - a little bit of colour on the sepia - and densely quilted background
telling his story on Field Medical Tags (body tags)
I struggled with framing the photo. Initially it was going to part of the whole quilt, but with some advise from my friend Carol, I opted for making the photo a separate piece. Then of course, how to do it? Fortunately Carol had just made something very similar so was able to write the instructions for me to do it. The frame has 2 layers of batting (cotton/bamboo) to give it some depth.
I now have 8 pieces in my ANZAC collection.
BUT! no challenge quilt for Tote & Gloat - it just wasn't happening!
Late breaking news!!
I have to tell you that I managed to purchase (in time, fortuitously!) a NZMC brass shoulder flash. So I have now shifted the collar badge to above the medal ribbons and stitched the shoulder flash where the badge was. So pleased it arrived in time before hanging at Tote & Gloat.


Lynette (NZ) said...

Very cool - can't wait to see this up close on Saturday

Chris said...

Erilyn, this is fabulous. Such a treasure. Well done -

It is so important to recognize those men and women who did their duty - often not to great acclaim - and your quilt is a wonderful tribute.


Erilyn said...

Hi Chris, thank you - and I agree. I called my exhibit "Lest we forget - remember & honour".
I am starting on the Vietnam one now - it's out of order, but needs must! Sadly, this was one time in NZ's history where we asked our service people to do their job and then vilified them on their return!