Monday, July 18, 2011

I've Got Started ...

... on my re-worked Gallipoli quilt. I decided to remake a previous one, but using the same size limitations as with the Remarkable Symposium ANZAC Challenge - 1000mm x 600mm. I'm also trying to work on better design elements, but still using at least one new technique.
So here are the pieces so far:
 The letters spelling GALLIPOLI are in fabric I made printed with daisies. This represents the 'Daisy Patch', a patch of land that the ANZAC soldiers had to crawl across at Cape Helles.
This is the cover of the first ANZAC news bulletin that the soldiers designed in London, after leaving Gallipoli.
A sketch of the landing plan for 25th April 1915.
Having a cuppa was a treat for the soldiers.
I now have to figure out what I'm going to use as 'sashings' for these blocks that will keep them coherent. Plus, there are a couple more blocks to sort out.
As I go I also want to decide on the quilting for each and this will help to get it finished sooner.

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