Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Some Knitting Finished

Last year I 'dyed' some commercial New Zealand Perendale wool with food colouring. I knitted it into some small garments for babies and toddlers. So here are the end products and up for sale on my Felt shop (see button on the right hand side).
Plus, I decided to put up for sale this toddler's cupcake hat, made from wool crepe and the rest of the dyed wool:
I also finished another Christmas table runner, but now don't have a full size picture after mucking around trying to get the correct size for the shop (I really can't figure out the sizing - how frustrating is that?).
Found another (better?) map for my Gallipoli wall hanging - it needs to be re-sized, and I'll have a think about how I might use it.
Tonight I had a little job to do for the Rangitikei Country Quilters group in Marton. They had asked me to judge their challenge quilts for their upcoming show at the weekend. This was the first time I had ever judged quilts in an official capacity (although sometimes often when I go to shows, I am quite critical). There are 21 challenge quilts with 7 in 3 categories, and boy, some of those Marton girls are VERY GOOD quilters!
Anyway, if you are in the district, head on over to Rangitikei College, Bredlins Line, Marton,  this weekend. They always manage to put on a lovely show, especially considering they are a small group!

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