Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tenth and Final Set of Pieces for Exhibition

Another feature of Alice's trip in Wonderland was the caterpillar.
So here we have the Monarch butterfly collection:

The caterpillar had me thinking for a while as to how I could make him.  I even went to an electrical shop to ask about a small vent thing - you know like they have for clothes dryers. But I was lucky when I went to the $2 shop and found a pack of small slinky's - perfect! I then bought a T-shirt with narrow black and white stripes, cut off the sleeve and 'painted' on the yellow stripe! Glued one half of the slinky on to the fabric and stitched him up! The antennae are painted stamens.
Here is a close-up:
The pupa (looks strange, I know) is silk paper, a new technique for me, formed around a felt 'bug'.

And, finally we have the butterfly. This is a macro shot of the wing - painted, then heavily quilted:

There we have it - all my entries for the exhibition. I have really enjoyed playing with different techniques. The challenge of the size helped focus and certainly when I'm out walking I'm looking at things in a different way. I have a couple more ideas that I'm working on, so if none of these sell I will be adding to them.
Hope you have enjoyed the variety!
I will post some photos of the others pieces of work over the next few days.

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Lynette (NZ) said...

Congratulations on the opening. I can't wait to get to see the whole exhibition.