Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Seventh Set of Pieces for Exhibition

This trio is the New Zealand Fantail, Piwakawaka. It is such a joy to have the fantails around - they are so cheeky, flitting around when you are working outside, so I could not do something with this little bird.

The first piece has a background of used tea bags. The close up of the eye has been drawn with ink pencils then thread stitched.

The center piece was one of the last pieces I made, mainly because I really had no idea how to finish it. It is made with a background of silk organza and the silk pieces of the fantail are Vliesofix-ed in place (as you would for raw-edged applique), then I have laid bridal tulle over the whole piece. It is weighted down with a brass rod in a pocket. I'm thinking about using this technique for some internal doors in our house - stained glass would be nice, but I think I could use this technique and encase it in glass.

The 3rd piece has a poem by Eileen Duggan about the fantail printed onto cotton. I then printed a picture onto rice paper. I didn't know how well this would work, but there was no problem with it going through the printer and when I used the acrylic medium to adhere it to the fabric, the ink didn't run either, so I was very pleased with the result.

Tonight, I am helping to set up the pieces at the Gallery.

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judy coates perez said...

lovely use of teabags Erilyn ;-)