Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sixth Set of Pieces for Exhibition

We are over half-way now and only a few more days until the exhibition opens - how exciting is that?
This odd-looking set is Tree Bark.
From left I have made Liquid amber bark from felted wool. I had to hand-stitch the 'lines', then needle-felted extra wool for 'texture' and lichen.
The center one is more like the Poplar trees and is made from brown paper, stitched on the machine with cords twisted from wool, knitting yarn and whatever else took my fancy.
The third piece is the Silver Birch tree. This is made from an appropriate batik cotton stitched with velour thread over shrink fabric. After it had all shrunk, I then stitched horizontal lines as you see on the trees.
Weird looking, I know, but fun to try!

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