Monday, August 16, 2010

Fifth Set of Pieces for Exhibition

After the group finished making the collaborative art journals, we pondered on what to do next. The biggest problem was having no deadlines, well lax ones anyway, and being motivated. We decided to each choose a theme and work on something. But, best laid plans and all, not all of us did much about it - citing every excuse under the sun! I am REALLY talking about myself here!
The first theme was seasons, so I at least started with an idea, but it didn't really fire me up. The 3 pieces I started, languished in the wardrobe, waiting for the 4th. But, I'm not one to waste a good start, so have used 3 pieces here for the exhibition. Now, there is no perspective involved, it's just an emotion (?) and a play!
Here we have Spring, Summer and Autumn.
Each of the tree trunks represents the silver birch tree. I stitched across the shape with Lana thread then painted across it with Textile Ink. I think that if I hadn't used such a 'furry' thread the paint may not have stuck to it so much, therefore giving me the 'look' I was after - but never mind, these pieces are mostly experimental.
The batik background is cool-ish, because spring is such changeable weather. I have made 'catkins' (yes I know they look big) from polystyrene 'worms', covered in un-spun wool and wrapped with embroidery thread. There are 'seed' stitches on the ground, because if you were a little Alice, you would see the seeds, and there are a few lutradur leaves on the tree.

a hot batik for this background, leaves made from lutradur (cut with a soldering iron and stitched on), and a few leaves made from painted Vliesofix (I don't really like that effect, though).

I have used a heavier weight of lutradur here, painted, cut out with the soldering iron, plus some 'burning' on the top. I then used some metallic paint as highlights. There are also some leaves made from organza - this is done with Washaway sandwiched between 2 pieces of organza, stitched, washed and trimmed. I love the effect and I think I will have to make some more soon.

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Lynette (NZ) said...

Love the stitched textures on these.