Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Being Creative - Differently!

Hello all you creative people! Yesterday I spent with my lovely girls in Wellington. We went to Te Papa (New Zealand's national museum) to view the wedding dress exhibition Unveiled: 200 years of wedding dress from the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.
Silk satin wedding dress by Charles James, London, 1934. Wax orange blossom choker. Given by Mrs. Alec Hambro © Victoria and Albert Museum/V&A Images
This exhibition is great value for money at $15.00. I think there were at least 30 dresses on display, great commentaries and a time to sit and watch some movie clips of royal and social weddings. There were heaps of people, both at the exhibition, and at Te Papa - I guess that as it was a national holiday, there weren't too many other places to go to and a lot of shops and eating places were closed!
We then went out to The Dowse in Lower Hutt for the Bedazzled exhibition: Royal NZ Ballet Costumes Designed by Kristian Fredrikson:
Kristian Fredrikson, Cinderella Ball Gown, 1991. Princess Odile from Swan Lake, 1985. Fairy Spring from Cinderella, 1991
This was a free exhibition - not so many costumes, but nevertheless, you could get up really close to have a look at the work (no touching though!) - and hardly any people!

Even though I haven't done any sewing (as yet, and the day isn't over!), I did use my camera, creatively!
I love this shot of the rocks at Worser Bay - looks like it could be reproduced using tyvek!
How about this single leaf? Great lines - could be reproduced in (almost) 3-D  :
And the colour inside this lily - I think the fairies have been at work:
Now - what about some sewing!


Ruth said...

Lovely photographs, the fairy workmanship one certainly made me smile. And it reminded me of what an old lady told me this Christmas "brussel sprouts are really fairy cabbages!" This made me laugh so much...
I hope you managed to do some sewing?

Erilyn said...

Great analogy for brussel sprouts! Got a block pinned together and sorted the design for quilting - half the problem!

Toni said...

Those dresses are just fabulous