Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Fantastic Plant Score!

Today Derrick and I went to the annual Pohangina/Ashhurst Lions Small holders Auction. There were fewer sheep than last year and I don't think the prices were as good as you can get at the regular weekly livestock auctions. Also, there were not as many chickens as usual, certainly not the diverse range.
But in the chattels, there were a few things we were interested in.
Derrick learnt about Massey-Ferguson tractors and a sheep-handling implement.
And I managed to score 3 great sized yukka plants:
for $1.00!
WooHoo! I reckon the big one would cost AT LEAST $60.00 at a nursery!
I'll buy some nice pots and they will look great at work!


Ruth said...

Love your plant stash! You must have been very happy.

Erilyn said...

Hi Ruth - sure am happy about the purchase :) Looking forward to organising some pots now!