Thursday, January 26, 2012

How Not To Do It!

OK, so I made the decision not to stitch around the diamond shaped postage stamp fabric. I started stitching a couple of rows around the outside with glitter thread, then stitched across the shapes and 'quilted' it by linking points etc.
Nope - didn't like it :(
The problem is that the 'stamp fabric' shows up the holes if you unpick - a bit like sewing leather.
Ah well! It's not great, I don't like, but I'll just suck it up and perhaps when all the blocks are completed it won't look so bad (but I doubt it!).
Here it is - warts and all:
The third block has triangles of different shapes - you know those mathematical ones like isosceles and equilateral. But we are not going to to have a trigonometry lesson here and I have ignored Pythagorus' theory and hypotenuse didn't even come into it when I was cutting them out! (If you do want a lesson, here is a quick reference).
This time I appli-quilted the pieces with a small blanket stitch using a Madeira gold/black thread so the edges would stand out more. I have considered using the same blanket stitch in wavy lines as a quilting line, but it probably doesn't need it, and to be honest - I find that quite boring!

Hope your day was creative in some way!

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