Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Little Beach Holiday

I've had a couple of lovely days at Waikanae Beach, so no sewing machine, but I did take a bag of Vliesofixed pieces, my white background, small scissors, thread and a needle.
Here is what I have done so far for the second S.I.X. challenge on the white background:
Now that I'm home (work starts tomorrow) I will be able to do some machine stitching lines, quilting and more hand stitching. Then to joining all 4 blocks together!
Here are some lovely evening beach photos:
Sunset on Waikanae Beach, Kapiti Island in the background

Having fun with our long shadows

I also got to have a swim in the sea - first time for years - then Rebecca and I dug for pipis and cockles which we steamed and ate before tea - mmm! crunchy sand! Fun though! 


Ruth said...

Lovely photos of the beach, so glad you had a good time there. Looking forward to seeing your finished piece. :)

Erilyn said...

Hi Ruth, thank you. I wish I had taken some photos of the driftwood shapes left in the sand, but at least there was one night with a lovely sunset, the weather has turned nasty now :-(
I'll be interested in what you think of the 2nd challenge piece.

Serabelle said...

love the poses of the shadow-ees! hehe