Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Creativity and Commitment

I'm struggling with these two words today - perhaps it's because I'm physically tired after 2 days at work and physical exercise (yes, I'm not used to the P.E.!). Sunday evening we had quite a gale in the region and we lost large branches off several trees plus 2 of the poplars were rent almost in half (thank goodness they will grow again). That was 3 hours of assisting the man-about-the-house after work yesterday, and today I decided to rent the carpet cleaner to clean the carpet at work - well, the kiddies play area and around the Issues Desk at least - phew! I had quite a sweat worked up doing that! Just want to sleep now :)
I picked up Barb's block for the S.I.X. challenge this evening, and nothing comes to mind immediately on what to do with it.
I know that perfection is not the answer in making these challenges - I'm trying to do something different, if not entirely new, with my blocks. We should have them finished by the end of this month, although I know that some have not started theirs! Oh, my! am I doing too much on mine?
Commitment is waning, as I so want to get them finished and work on something else - I have several quilts waiting to be quilted and need to work on another military banner.
At least I can show you the finished Cave Art block of the third challenge. I decided to do a medium stipple around the outside. I very rarely do stipple as it is so boring to sew, but in this case, there wasn't a lot to do and the hand-stitching catches down most areas. It is still 'puffy' in the middle, but then the cave walls were not necessarily flat and smooth either!
I hope you are not suffering from lack of creativity or commitment - I think the focus on achieving even a small amount is very important.


Chris said...

LOVE your cave paintings! Really beautiful - and the hand stitching really sets it off!

Erilyn said...

Thanks Chris - really working on doing a bit more with the hand stitching too!