Monday, January 2, 2012

How's The Start to Your Crafty New Year?

To those that don't create craft-wise, it is hard for them to understand how making something, just because, or for someone, is very satisfying. I'm NOT an adrenalin junkie, but I do appreciate that exercise can give you a high (it's just such an effort, especially when the weather is wet, or cold, or windy, or hot!). But you and I (those that create) know that there is great satisfaction and pleasure in making.
So, I'm going to endeavour to create something every day - even if it's a little bit of hand sewing!
I am very pleased to show you my small S.I.X quilt challenge that is finished (5 more to go). So here is my Time Machine:
The bottom right block has been embellished with old computer parts!
Such fun!


Lynette (NZ) said...

Here's to you and creativity in 2012...and some playdays together xx

Erilyn said...

Oh, yes - I'm hoping to be able to fit some time with you in, this year!

Ruth said...

Your time machine is wonderful! Also have fell in love with your idea of being creative everyday... :)

Monica said...

Hi Erilyn,
Happy New Year to you, too. Wow - love what you have created - the quilting makes it all stand out so well. The color wheel is my favorite.